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Long-term animal studies to determine the carcinogenic potential of tretinoin have not been performedStudies in hairless albino mice suggest that tretinoin may accelerate the tumorigenic potential of weakly carcinogenic light from a solar simulatorIn other studieswhen lightly pigmented hairless mice treated with tretinoin were exposed to carcinogenic doses of UVB lightthe incidence and rate of development of skin tumors was reducedDue to significantly different experimental conditionsno strict comparison of these disparate data is possibleAlthough the significance of these studies to man is not clearpatients should avoid or minimize exposure to sun.

Retin-A should be used as part of a complete skin care program that includes avoiding sunlight and using an effective sunscreen and protective clothing.

This medication may make you more sensitive to the sunLimit your time in the sunAvoid tanning booths and sunlampsWeather extremes such as wind or cold may also be irritating to the skinUse sunscreen daily and wear protective clothing when outdoorsTell your doctor right away if you get sunburned or have skin buy viagra professional online. blisters/rednessWait until your skin has completely recovered from a sunburn before using tretinoin.

Do not take by mouthRetin-A is for use only on the skinDo not use this medicine on open wounds or on sunburnedwindburneddrychappedor irritated skin.

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