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Bactoban is a topical antibactial agnt, activ against thos oganisms sponsibl th majoity skin inctions, .g. Staphylococcus auus , including mthicillin-sistant stains, oth staphylococci, stptococci. It is alsactiv against Gam-ngativ oganisms such as schichia coli and Hamophilus inlunza . Bactoban Ointmnt is usd skin inctions, .g. imptigo, olliculitis, uunculosis.

Poduction studis on Bactoban in animals hav vald nvidnc ham tth otus (s sction 5.3). As th is nclinical xpinc on its us duing pgnancy, Bactoban should only b usd in pgnancy whn th potntial bnits outwigh th possibl isks tatmnt.

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