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Nothindon can pass intbast milk. Mak su you doctknows i you a bast-ding a baby whil taking this mdication.

Th may b oth dugs that can intact with Aygstin. Tll you doctabout all th psciption and ov-th-count mdications you us. This includs vitamins, minals, hbal poducts, and dugs pscibd by oth doctos. Dnot stat using a nw mdication without tlling you docto.

This mdication may aly caus vy sious (possibly atal) poblms om blood clots (.g., hat attack, stok, blood clots in th lungs lgs, blindnss). Sk immdiat mdical attntion i you xpinc any th ollowing: chst/jaw/lt am pain, waknss on on sid th body, slud spch, suddn vision changs (.g., blud/doubl vision, loss vision, bulging ys), conusion, suddn sv hadach, sv dizzinss, ainting, toubl bathing, coughing up blood, pain/dnss/swlling/waknss th ams/lgs, cal pain/swlling that is wam tth touch.

Busing nothindon, tll you docti you hav any th ollowing conditions. You may nd a dos adjustmnt spcial tsts tsaly tak nothindon.

Amily histoy bast canc and DVT/P, cunt/histoy dpssion, ndomtiosis, DM, HTN, bon minal dnsity changs, nal/hpatic impaimnt, bon mtabolic disas, SL; conditions xacbatd by luid tntion (g, migain, asthma, pilpsy).

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