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Use of oral metronidazole is associated with psychotic reactions in alcoholic patients who were using disulfiram concurrentlyDo not administer metronidazole to patients who have taken disulfiram within the last two weekssee PRECAUTIONSDRUG INTERACTIONS

Avoid alcoholic beverages and products containing propylene glycol while taking this medication and for at least 3 days after finishing this medicine because severe stomach upset/crampsnauseavomitingheadacheand flushing may occur.

In amebic liver abscessFLAGYL therapy does not obviate the need for aspiration or drainage of pus.

Metronidazole has been reported to increase plasma concentrations of busulfanwhich can result in an increased risk for serious busulfan toxicityMetronidazole should not be administered concomitantly with busulfan unless the benefit outweighs the riskIf no therapeutic alternatives to metronidazole are availableand concomitant administration with busulfan is medically neededfrequent monitoring of busulfan plasma concentration should be performed and the busulfan dose should be adjusted accordingly.

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anaerobic and gram-negative coverage with metronidazole flagyl and aztreonam azactam , respectively, could be added when appropriate.

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