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I don t want to take it anymore and am looking into the lithium orotate.

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Lithium increases a brain chemical called serotoninPentazocineTalwinalso increases serotoninTaking lithium along with pentazocineTalwinmight cause too much serotonin in the bodyTaking lithium along with pentazocineTalwinmight cause serious side effects including heart problemsshiveringand anxietyDo not take lithium supplements if you are taking pentazocineTalwin

Taking phenothiazines along with lithium might decrease the effectiveness of lithiumLithium might also decrease the effectiveness of phenothiazinesSome phenothiazines include chlorpromazineThorazinefluphenazineProlixintrifluoperazineStelazinethioridazineMellariland others.

Taking methylxanthines can increase how quickly the body gets rid of lithiumThis could decrease how well lithium worksMethylxanthines include aminophyllinecaffeineand theophylline.

Lithium increases a chemical in the brainThis chemical is called serotoninSome medications used for depression also increase serotoninTaking lithium with these medications used for depression might cause there to be too much serotoninThis could cause serious side effects including heart problemsshiveringand anxietySome of these medications used for depression include phenelzineNardiltranylcypromineParnateand others.

Taking lithium can make it easier for you to become dehydratedespecially if you have any vomiting or diarrheaif you are outdoors in the sunor if you exercise vigorously or sweat more than usualDehydration can increase some of the side effects of lithium.

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it should probably be noted here that known lithium reserves are actually quite substantial, and currently the main limiting factor for availability is simply the relatively slow speed that new production capacity can be brought online.

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