Even today – ahead of the match of Liga against Villarreal – the Argentinian coach is back on the “case” to permanently shut down the controversy: “I want to apologize again for that gesture that I made during the game to people who have felt offended .

NFL, Tom Brady insults Miss America live tv meanings – Goodell confirms NFL owner. Taking advantage of an employment contract which is – as part – the 32 franchises, including New England. A contract that the players association has signed (in Italy a document that establishes balance of power so deranged would not go even 50 years ago ….), Making it inevitable developments of this type.

Never mind if Goodell was PM, judge and executor of disqualification. It has the right – said today the US law – to cover all these positions simultaneously. The players association is indignant: “We fought the sanctions because Brady Goodell was not fair referee and has violated the rights of established players in the collective agreement.” But barking at the moon. Rather it is specified that the panel of three judges did not decide unanimously. But a majority, 2-1.

Katzmann The judge disagreed, and accused Goodell of abuse of power. But it has remained in the minority. the image of brady – The next few days, and the next moves of the protagonists, will tell us if and how the public image of Brady will be damaged by the decision of the judges. We will see how they will react its sponsors.

And if the average American will evaluate (unlikely, as it had been in September 2015, when the legal victory of Brady had been seen “tout court” rather than procedural) that the ordinary law has spoken on this matter more to technicalities that in substance. In short, the US will evolve as the debate on the main question that matters: Brady is a cheater or not? He has “cheated”, bypassing the rules or not?

And, in case: he stole an apple in substance (game with the Colts in about never questioned as a result, the balls have not made a difference) and heavy penalties are due to reasons defined as “mark their territory” apart from Goodell or (another concept very American) break the rules – as the judgment of public opinion – ignores the fact of gravity? In short, someone has even brought up steroids in baseball as a comparison … .The “legacy” the legacy of Brady, the NFL champion 4 times, considered in runoff with Montana as the best QB of all time, returns to be questioned . And the Pats are in trouble for the season, and they find him at the last moment when the QB coupons have already disappeared from the market.

Another procedural flaw not just. The season begins on September 8 with Denver-Carolina, the last Super Bowl rematch. But it is already in full swing. Waiting for the next plot twist.

Riccardo Pratesi i?� @ rprat75

January 9, 2019 – Milan Crisitano Ronaldo acrobatically. Lapresse it says good morning starts in the morning, who knows if the photo posted yesterday by Cristiano Ronaldo to the delight of buy klonopin online, buy klonopin online, buy klonopin online, buy klonopin online, buy klonopin online, buy klonopin online. his followers is also a coded message for opponents. CR7 has become immortalized in Dubai with a hawk and the joke is obvious: a bird of prey attracts the other.

Cristiano is a predator of the penalty area, engulfs goals and successes with the same voracity with which the hawk eats other animals, and wins more he wants to continue doing so. If not, at 33 years and after 5 Golden Balls, 5 Champions League and a disproportionate amount of trophies and personal accolades would not be out of the “comfort zone” (his words) to start the new venture.

At Juventus he came especially to bring back the Cup in Turin that seems haunted and that for too many years escapes the Bianconeri, but also wants to be the man of the eighth league title in a row and push new boundaries. Ronaldo loves to surprise and always raising the bar. He finished 2018 as top scorer and at the top of Serie A and aims to maintain double record until May 26, when it will close the championship.

Winning the Scudetto to Juventus has become almost a formality and Ronaldo has already happened to be the king of goals in the Premier and Liga. In Italy it could become the first rookie in the modern era to make the combination, moving on the trail of another Juventus player, John Charles.

Christian and Georgina, Epiphany in the gym the previous Il Gigante Buono Welshman who won three league titles with Juventus (1957-1961) was the last – and also one of the few – to make full loot in his first season in Serie A: was the 1957-58, he scored 28 goals just arrived from Leeds and Mrs. s’appuntA? on the chest the first star, the one symbolizing the tenth flag. Since then no one else has managed. FABIANA COMPLETE ARTICLE OF THE VALLEY ON JOURNAL OUT NOW Gasport

February 23, 2019 – Milan The gesture of Simeon during the Champions League match against Juventus. Ansa Diego Simeone returns to the gesture of discord and repeats pointing out the reasons of those hands on “nether regions” that have done so much talk in recent days. Initially interpreted as offensive gesture against Juventus (it was part of exultation goal post Atletico 1-0 in the going of the second round of the Champions Wanda), it was later realized – after the first explanation of the post of the technical game of Colchoneros – instead it was a sort underscore the “attributes” of his men. Even today – ahead of the match of Liga against Villarreal – the Argentinian coach is back on the “case” to permanently shut down the controversy: “I want to apologize again for that gesture that http://1xbet.footballresultstoday.org/ I made during the game to people who have felt offended . I clearly expressed what I felt bad for my players and in no way was intended to Juventus. ” Atletico, Simeone at Juve: “I apologize for that gesture …” Gasport

January 21, 2018 – ANTHOLZ (Bz) Dorothea Wierer. AFP The last 2 errors standing at the shooting range cost dear Dorothea Wierer, remained in the lead for 10 km of the Start Mass of the Biathlon World Cup (12.5 km) in Anterselva: until then Doro drove lonely race, but the biathlon this is also, you can not afford to make mistakes when you can not even take it more comfortable.

Thus the output from the fourth polygon, the situation was reversed and ranking will win the triolimponica Belarusian Darya Domracheva, lady Bjoerndalen, in 4’23 “9 with an error, on the Slovak Kuzmina to 11″ 9 and on the Finnish MA�kA�rA�inen to 16 ” 2, both before also azure in the fourth was the Norwegian Olsbu, Doro ended incredibly seventh after having spent all paying 29 “overall standings of the World Cup, the winner, Lisa Vittozzi 16th at 1’18”. the third was Nicole blue Gontier, 18th. it was the last race before the Games and this makes you realize how uncertain is to determine the podium in the sport in which you ski and shoot. Doro leaves the home track though with the excellent memory of second place on Saturday in pursuit. “just bad luck” – the Domracheva had missed only the first shot of the first series, then remained at 50 “but had, queued silently made his race waiting jumped all the others, and this is what happened. “I arrived there with no pressure, I had no thoughts, unfortunately when I took in the fourth round a bit ‘of snow, I could not see, she entered the snow in diopter, and then I had to blow out and I lost a bit’ rhythm.

Do not I made the first shot as I had. And from then on I went out mentally. I conditioned the last shot?

Maybe I should treat him more, but now it’s easier to say now that then do it when you’re in that situation. Sure then two penalty turns on uphill takes you all the forces and then today unfortunately the snow was very slow, you pay even more. it’s not like going out with zero errors …

I’m not disappointed, just unlucky because the two errors have destabilized me after for having blown the viewfinder covered by snow. biathlon is this, I have not thought about the victory, but I stayed focused and I get out of this third weekend of really satisfied races before the final withdrawal of Lenzerheide and departure for the Games. ” For Domracheva is the thirtieth career win and the ninth in the mass start: The triolimpionica also boasts the second place at 75 podiums with MA�kA�rA�inen, which is back on the podium thanks to a big test on skis. men – Anterselva is also French. The 15 km mass start male is won (40’18 “6) In fact, by Martin Fourcade 2 errors that despite the polygon manages to tame the competition, in particular the two Norwegian Tarjei Boe (2” 8 with 2 errors) and Erlend Bjonegaard 5 “1 (2), which pulled each other for no headlights take the pursuers, the Doll Germans to 16” (2) and Kuehn 18 “3 (2).

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