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Combination therapy with nevirapine is not a curative treatment of patients infected with HIV-1patients may continue to experience illnesses associated with advanced HIV-1 infectionincluding opportunistic infections.

The concomitant administration of Viramune with NNRTIs is not recommendedsee section 4.4

Data on the effectiveness of nevirapine in subsequent regimens are limitedSubsequent regimens using NNRTIs appear most effective in individuals who have not previously experienced virologic failure while using drugs of this class.

In reproductive toxicology studiesevidence of impaired fertility was seen in rats.

Results of in vitro studies showed a weak antagonism of nevirapine by adefovirsee section 5.1this has not been confirmed in clinical trials and reduced efficacy is not expectedAdefovir did not influence any of the common CYP isoforms known to be involved in human drug metabolism and is excreted renallyNo clinically relevant drug-drug interaction is expected.

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