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Information about Prometrium.

The pharmacokinetics of PROMETRIUM Capsules have not been assessed in low body weight or obese patients.

The product samples shown here have been supplied by the manufacturerWhile every effort has been made to assure accurate reproductionplease remember that any visual identification should be considered preliminaryIn cases of poisoning or suspected overdosagethe drug’s identity should be verified by chemical analysis.

Do not smokeSmoking combined with this medication further increases your risk for strokesblood clotshigh blood pressureand heart attacks.

You should also avoid Prometrium if cheap hcg for pctgg. you areor think you might be pregnantThis drug is also not recommended while you are breast-feeding because it can get into breast milk.

Because Prometrium can increase your risk for blood clotslet your doctor know if you plan to have surgeryYou might have to stop taking the drug for about four to six weeks before your procedure.

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when taking prometrium during pregnancy, discuss with your doctor which way you would like to take this supplement.

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