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In patients who have not received previous antituberculous therapy, administer myambutol 15 mg kg 7 mg lb of body weight, as a single oral dose once every 24 hours.

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Information about Myambutol.

WARNING/CAUTIONEven though it may be raresome people may have very bad and sometimes deadly side effects when taking a drugTell your doctor or get medical help right away if you have any of salbutamol on line. the following signs or symptoms that may be related to a very bad side effect:

Tell all of your health care providers that you take MyambutolethambutolThis includes your doctorsnursespharmacistsand dentistsDo not use longer than you have been toldA second infection may happenHave blood work checked as you have been told by the doctorTalk with the doctorHave an eye exam as you have been told by your doctorIf you have gouttalk with your doctorTell your doctor if you are pregnant or plan on getting pregnantYou will need to talk about the benefits and risks of using Myambutolethambutolwhile you are pregnantTell your doctor if you are breast-feedingYou will need to talk about any risks to your baby.

White to off-white smooth roundbiconvexfilm coated tablets plain on both the sides.

A very serious allergic reaction to this drug is rareHoweverseek immediate medical attention if you notice any symptoms of a serious allergic reactionincludingrashitching/swellingespecially of the face/tongue/throatsevere dizzinesstrouble breathing.

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