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Ashwagandha dosages in studies typically ranged from 125 1,250 mg daily.

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Information about Ashwagandha.

Summay Ashwagandha has bn shown tincas natual kill cll activity and dcas maks inlammation.

Ashwagandha may act ctain lab tsts that masu thyoid unctioning and digoxin lvls.

Summay Animal and tst-tub studis hav shown that ashwagandha pomots th dath tumclls and may b ctiv against sval typs canc.

A popula Ayuvdic hb, ashwagandha is otn usd in omulations pscibd stss, stain, atigu, pain, skin disass, diabts, gastointstinal disas, humatoid athitis, and pilpsy (1) . It is alsusd as a gnal tonic, tincas ngy and impov halth and longvity (2) , and topically as an analgsic (3) . Th activ constitunts includ alkaloids, stoidal lactons, saponins, and withanolids.

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besides being useful for the thyroid, ashwagandha delivers a host of other health benefits.

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