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Acon manuactus P tanks o industial usag in Malaysia. Mostly it is usd o stoag o daily consumptions. W manuactu P Tanks o capacity anging om hundds o lits to gallons, ths P tanks a dsignd and manuactud to withstand hydostatic and dynamic wat pssu. Th P tank om Acon is dsignd to b ust , so that complt sanitation could b achivd o long tm maintnanc. P tanks can b abicatd in lag dimnsions to cop with dint industial dmands. Ou P tanks a assud with th highst quality and can last o dcads with lowst maintnanc.

Contol high blood pssu (hyptnsion) Tat o hat ailu and vnticula dysunction Pvnt and tat o kidny disas in popl with diabts o hyptnsion.

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